InterTape 591 Grip Tape

InterTape 591 grip tape is preferred and recognized as the standard in the golf industry.  This is a premium tape used in most repair shops and professional assembly facilities.

  • 7 mil thickness (w/o liner)
  • Natural rubber adhesive
  • Quick stick to steel


InterTape 591

InterTape 591 grip tape is a bleached flatback paper product coated with a high shear resistant pressure-sensitive natural rubber/resin adhesive on both sides with excellent adhesive properties especially on steel and graphite shafts.  White colored easy release treated crepe paper liner allows for either machine or hand application. A recognized standard in the manufacture and repair of golf club grip application.

Backing:                                                                        Bleached flatback

Adhesive:                                                                      Natural Rubber/Resin

Adhesion to Steel (oz/in of width) PSTC-101:          52 (14.2 N/25mm)

Tensile Strength (lbs/in of width) PSTC-131:           34 (149 N/25mm)

Elongation (% at break) PSTC-131:                             3

Total Thickness (mils) PSTC-133:

With liner                                            12.0 (0.30mm)

Without liner                                        7.0 (0.178mm)

Quick Stick to Steel (oz/in of width) PSTC-5:          20 (5.5 N/25mm)

Temperature Resistance (Max.):                               200°F (93°C)

Color:                                                                            Beige


Roll Sizes:
2” x 36 yards, 18mm x 36 yards