Marine FAQs

Marine Epoxy Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Brampton Marine Epoxy was designed to fully cure while underwater.

Yes, the epoxy will cure when applied to a wet surface. For best results the surfaces should still be abraded.

Yes, Marine Epoxy can be used to fill small holes.

Yes, once fully cured it is resistant to both fuel and gasoline.

Yes, once fully cured the epoxy is both sandable and paintable.

Yes, the epoxy will withstand temperatures more than 200°F.

No, we do not recommend this epoxy for laminating purposes.

Brampton Marine Epoxy works well as an adhesive due to its thicker properties.

PRO-FIX epoxies come in both double barreled syringes and cartridges. The 0.85 oz syringe comes with a plugger and removable cap. The larger cartridges require an epoxy dispensing gun. Before opening, rest the cartridge tip up to allow trapped air to rise to the top. Gently press to expel air and ensure epoxy is dispensing evenly from both sides. When finished pull back to release pressure before capping.

Place your sealed bottle of Part A into a container of hot water for 15 minutes. This will return Part A to the original viscosity for proper performance.

For all cartridges – recap and place in a resealable plastic bag. Store in a cool dark place.

For all bottled kits – squeeze out all air, recap, and place in a resealable plastic bag. Store in a cool dark place.