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Brampton Technology LTD was founded by John Wheatley, Shaun Wheatley (Clubmakers) and Larry Nativi (Chemical Engineer) in 1996 to develop adhesives and a non-toxic grip solvent for golf industry.

The Wheatleys started as clubmakers at their local country club in 1979.  News of their talents and product excellence quickly spread throughout the state.  It was not long before they were performing club repairs for most of the country clubs in CT.  Their growing business expanding into custom clubs, club head design and club fitting.  Their custom clubs and head designs were played on the PGA, European, Champions and LPGA Tours.

John was appointed by Apollo Golf as their national spokesperson on golf shaft technology and gave countless seminars on the modern shaft design and how it affects ball flight.  It was through golf shaft research and development that the Wheatleys met Larry Nativi.    Larry is a Chemical Engineer that spent over 30 years with the Loctite Corporation.  He has multiple patents in the areas of polymer and adhesive products for use in the automotive, medical, and military industries.  The relationship between Larry and the Wheatleys sparked the idea to create golf specific solvents and adhesives.

As clubmakers, the Wheatleys had direct personal experience with the risks involved in the use of toxic materials. They learned first-hand that working with certain solvents and adhesives can cause a variety of health issues and an unsafe workplace.

Brampton’s objective was to develop safe, high quality, and cost-effective products for the golf and sporting community. Brampton first developed HF-100, a grip solvent chemically engineered for the sole purpose of safely and easily installing golf grips.

Two years later the PRO-FIX line of epoxies was introduced. These epoxies were engineered to withstand high swing speeds and create durable shock absorbing bonds. The 3 specific formulas met the varying time requirements for any club building project.

These initial golf products laid the foundation of Brampton Technology. And provided the framework to expand into the Marine and DIY markets. As we continue to grow our focus remains on the development of high quality, user-friendly, and cost-effective products.

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