Safer Solution for Golf Professionals and Hobbyists

HF-100® was developed by professional club makers to make re-gripping safer and easier for everyone. Our grip solvent is non-flammable, non-toxic, and odorless.

HF-100® is extremely cost effective and requires less volume per club than other solvents.

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HF-100® Grip Solvent and PRO-FIX® Epoxies are the #1 brands for Golf Repair and Re-Gripping. Brampton is the creator of the original COMPLETE GRIP KIT

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Brampton Marine Epoxy cures underwater creating a waterproof bond making it perfect for boats, jet skis, surfboards and more.

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Brampton has a full line of DIY epoxies for your specific project. Engineered to create strong bonds between almost any surface.

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