Grip Tape Strips

Brampton grip tape is a high-quality product made in the USA and is the most price competitive tape in the golf industry.  It is an economical tape that is used in many repair shops for golf grip installation.

  • 6 mil thickness (w/o liner)
  • Natural rubber adhesive
  • Quick stick to steel


Brampton® Grip Tape Strips

A beige crepe paper tape coated on both sides with an aggressive, pressure-sensitive natural rubber adhesive that bonds equally well on both sides to almost any surface. Features an easy release treated white crepe liner.

Backing:                                                                    Crepe Paper

Adhesive:                                                                  Natural Rubber/Resin

Adhesion to Steel (oz/in of width) PSTC-101:      47 (12.8 N/25mm)

Tensile Strength (lbs/in of width) PSTC-131:        23 (101 N/25mm)

Elongation (% at break) PSTC-131:                        8.5

Total Thickness (mils) PSTC-133:

With liner                                            10.4 (0.26mm)

Without liner                                       6.0 (0.15mm)

Quick Stick to Steel (oz/in of width) PSTC-5:         20 (5.5 N/25mm)

Color:                                                               Beige

15pcs – 2” x 10” strips, 60pcs – 2” x 10” strips