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Creating Better Bonds

Bonding golf equipment is one the toughest bonds to create.

The demands are extreme with modern swing speeds exceeding 120+ mph.  Based off the success of the PRO-FIX line, Brampton has created new lines of epoxy for the Marine and DIY markets.  All of Brampton’s epoxies are engineered specifically for the sole purpose of “Creating Better Bonds”.

Brampton engineered PRO-FIX Rapid Cure epoxy with one sole purpose, to create an epoxy that would get golfers back on the course and out of the repair shop as fast as possible.  PRO-FIX Rapid Cure achieved this objective without compromising the strength, toughness, and durability of the bond.  PRO-FIX Rapid Cure is the preferred epoxy for single club repairs worldwide by professional clubmakers.

PRO-FIX Long Cure was engineered with an extended work life of 20 minutes making it perfect for manufacturing facilities or for building a full set of clubs.

This formulation was developed to provide the greatest impact resistance and durability of any golf epoxy in the industry.   PRO-FIX Long Cure can withstand swing speeds of 130+ mph, making it a preferred epoxy for long drive competitors.

PRO-FIX Quick Cure was engineered to meet the growing need for a slightly longer work life while still curing in less than an hour.  Brampton fulfilled this need creating an epoxy with a 5-minute work life that fully cures in 30 minutes.  PRO-FIX Quick Cure is the most versatile golf epoxy with a work life long enough to repair several clubs, while maintaining a strong bond and fast cure time.

Brampton developed a Marine epoxy that is fast curing and will bond just about anything on your boat and will even cure underwater.  This epoxy is perfect for boats, jet skis, surfboards, and more. It is resistant to petroleum, solvents, and other chemicals. Works on a variety of materials and water-based applications beyond the marine market.

Based off the proven formulas of the PRO-FIX epoxies, Brampton engineered a full line of professional grade DIY epoxies.  Which are sandable, paintable, waterproof, impact resistant, and bond a wide variety of materials.  Brampton DIY epoxies meet the demands of any industrial application or home project, helping you to create better bonds.

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