Fast Cure Epoxy

10 minute full cure, 5 minute set time, and 3 minute work life at 72°F/22°C. Bonds: metal, glass, wood, stone, concrete, tile, ceramic, porcelain, and most plastics. Brampton’s Fast Cure Epoxy is also waterproof, sandable and paintable.

Mixing Ratios
This product is only available in cartridge and syringe sizes that ensure the precise ratio required.
• Volume Ratio 1:1
• Weight Ratio Part A 102g : Part B 100g

Brampton Fast Cure Epoxy is a versatile epoxy for any quick fix:
• Household Repairs
• Garden and Tools
• Automotive
• Hobbies and Crafts

0.85oz Syringe, 1.5oz Cartridge, 7oz Cartridge, 20oz Cartridge