Extra Strength Epoxy

24 hour full cure, 4 hour set time, and 20 minute work life at 72°F/22°C. Bonds: metal, glass, wood, stone, concrete, tile, ceramic, porcelain, and most plastics. Brampton’s Fast Cure Epoxy is also sandable and paintable.

Mixing Ratios
This product is available in multiple container types to meet your dispensing needs: cartridge, syringe, and 2 bottle sets.
• Volume Ratio 1:1
• Weight Ratio Part A 114g : Part B 100g

Brampton Extra Strength Epoxy is our most durable bond with outstanding strength and impact resistance. Perfect for project that require a longer work life:
• Household Repairs
• Garden and Tools
• Automotive
• Hobbies and Crafts

0.85oz Syringe, 1.5oz Cartridge, 7oz Cartridge, 20oz Cartridge, 4oz Bottle Kit, 8oz Bottle Kit, 16oz Bottle Kit