Pro-Fix Long Cure

20 minute work life allowing time for 14 club full set to be bonded per mix. Full cure in 24 hours at 72°F/22°C that will with stand 130 mph swing speeds. Works with all club materials (steel, titanium, graphite, wood and plastics)

Mixing Ratios
This product is available in multiple container types to meet your dispensing needs: cartridge, syringe, and 2 bottle sets.
• Volume Ratio 1:1
• Weight Ratio Part A 114g : Part B 100g

Engineered for Golf
PRO-FIX® Long Cure was the first epoxy Brampton formulated and was engineered for assembly and production shops. PRO-FIX® Long Cure has the longest work life of all the Brampton epoxies. This formulation was developed with impact resistance and durability as its major components and has shown outstanding performance and versatility.

0.85oz Syringe, 1.5oz Cartridge, 7oz Cartridge, 20oz Cartridge, 4oz Bottle Kit, 8oz Bottle Kit, 16oz Bottle Kit