Pro-Fix Glass Shafting Beads

Pro-Fix Glass Shafting Beads

Shafting Beads (.002″) are glass oxide granules that help stabilize and properly center the shaft in the hosel. It will also increase the structural strength of 5&15 Quick Cure and 20/20 Long Cure adhesive when add for swing speeds that exceed 100 mph.  Mix 2% to 4% by volume of PRO-FIX GLASS SHAFTING BEADS to PRO-FIX ADHESIVES.
The Safety Data Sheet for this product can be viewed by clicking here.
 Available in 4 oz plastic jars, packed 12 jars/case.
  • Centers loose fitting shafts
  • Cushions impact
  • Reduces breakage
  • Increases viscosity
  • Increase structural strength of bond