Fast Cure Thick Epoxy

10 minute full cure, 5 minute set time, and 3 minute work life at 72°F/22°C. Bonds: metal, glass, wood, stone, concrete, tile, ceramic, porcelain, and most plastics. Brampton’s Fast Cure Thick Epoxy is also waterproof, sandable and paintable with a higher viscosity for gap-filling and bonding uneven surfaces.

Mixing Ratios
This product is only available in cartridge and syringe sizes that ensure the precise ratio required.
• Volume Ratio 1:1

Brampton Fast Cure Thick Epoxy is a versatile high viscosity epoxy for any quick fix:
• Bonds uneven surfaces and fills gaps
• Household Repairs
• Garden and Tools
• Automotive
• Hobbies and Crafts

0.85oz Syringe, 1.5oz Cartridge, 7oz Cartridge, 20oz Cartridge