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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently  Asked Questions


How much HF-100 should I use? 

You should apply enough solution to wet the entire length of the grip tape and two or three pumps of the sprayer into the grip.  Pour the remaining HF-100 from the grip on to the tape and you should have enough coverage to install the grip.


What should I do if the grip gets stuck halfway?

First don’t panic.  If you have access to an air compressor wrap a towel around the grip. This will allow you to apply some air into the small hole at end of the grip.  You will have two options:  1. Push the grip onto the shaft or 2. Pull the grip off and re-install.  You can also take a thin coat hanger cut a section about ten inches in length and remove any sharp edges.  Know you are going to push the coat hanger underneath grip and apply a small amount of HF-100 and slowly work the fluid and coat hanger up the grip until the grip unsticks and pulls off.


Should I spray of pour HF-100?

We recommend spraying HF-100 as you will probably use too much when you pour and set up time can be extended.


Should I shake the HF-100 before using?

It is recommended you shake before using as sometimes one of the surfactants can settle to the bottom of the bottle and slightly agitation will put it back into solution.


What is the self-life of HF-100?

HF-100 has an unlimited self-line if stored at room temperature.


What happens to HF-100 if it gets cold?

HF-100 will become thicker when it gets below 50 degrees.  Just like salad dressing that is refrigerated it will get slightly thicker but will return to normal viscosity when brought back to room temperature.


Can HF-100 be thin out by using water or some other liquid?

By adding additional amounts of water or other substances will cause to product to become out of balance and make a big mess.
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